Welcome to the Simply Pray Online Course!

Have you been looking for clear and simple teaching on prayer?

Do you have a vague sense that you should probably pray more, or pray better, but don’t know how?

Has prayer felt dry and boring, or like it’s just another task on your spiritual to-do list?

You’re in the right place. 

This is not a course about prayer, instead I will lead you on a journey in prayer. Each "lecture" introduces an important idea or practice, and then guides you in using it as you talk to God, directly.

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Hi, I'm Brandon

I'm Brandon a spiritual director and the president of Signpost Inn.

My 25+ years in ministry, and a long battle with an anxiety addiction, have given me a deep compassion for the complexity, difficulties, and gifts of staying behind Jesus on the spiritual journey, and I love befriending fellow travelers.

This course was born out of my own exploration and practice of prayer. Let me share what I've learned with you.